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Staff & Contributors

Peter Berg
Quote: "Awwww, screw it. Let's go bowling."

Peter Berg is a founding member of Nuclear Monkey, the lead web developer for this site and a staff writer. His hobbies include dwarf juggling, unicycle vending and yogurt consumption, and still takes baths with his rubber ducky, Clyde. If he were given three wishes, he says that he'd probably waste the first two on ham sandwiches and then use his third to wash them down with a nice big bowl of tomato juice. On a side note, he's also not very good at using wishes.

Chris Lohmeyer
Quote: "Make your life like a roll of toilet paper-- long and useful."

Chris Lohmeyer is a founding member of Nuclear Monkey and acts as a contributing writer and the head graphics designer for the site. Chris is a world class foozball player who once defeated another player with two hands tied behind his back (the other player's hands were tied, not Chris'). Interestingly enough, in all his years of foozball competitions, he has not once mistaken the foozball table for an accordion. Chris also has ten fingers and ten toes, and he'd "like to keep it that way."

James Mead
Quote: "When you die, if you get a choice between pie heaven and regular heaven, choose Pie Heaven. It might be a trick, but if not, mmmmmmmmmmm....boy!"

James Mead is a co-founder of Nuclear Monkey, the owner of the domain name and a staff writer for this beautiful little site. James is a SWM who enjoys Sunday night movies with a loved one, colorful rainbows after a refreshing spring rain and long walks on the beach. He is in search of someone with an adventerous spirit and similar interests. No evil clowns, beaver impersonators or "turnip-thieving hugger-muggers" need apply.

Mr. Corlett
Quote: "Giiiiiigaaaaaantooooooooooooooor!!!!!!!!!!"

Mr. Corlett is the ultra-cool teacher for the ultra-amazing web programming course that caused us to create this ultra-snazzy site in the first place. He's a math whiz who is in to 1960s vintage anime cartoons, especially Giiiiiigaaaaaantooooooooooooooor!!!!!!!!!!

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