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New T. Hawk's Pro Skater A Video Game Market Failure

T-Hawk's Pro SkaterTony Hawk

Fresh off the success of the blockbuster Tony Hawk's Pro Skater skateboarding game, the video game geniuses at Capcom attempted to repeat the success with their own T. Hawk game -- But this time, the T. didn't stand for "Tony!"

Capcom software engineers drew from their vast library of characters in their highly-successful Street Fighter series with T. Hawk, a large, strong and slow Indian brave. He is an underdog character who is rarely picked by players because of his lack of original fighting combos and his uninteresting combat style.

In the new game, he rides a skateboard in the forests of Missouri's Black Hills, hitting ramps lashed together out of pine branches and rope. However, T. Hawk's slow and brutish (but extremely strong) demeanor makes him a horrible skateboarder, and most players are unable to land a kickflip, let alone a 540 Eggplant McTwist.

T. Hawk has been involved in many epic battles against other Street Fighter characters including Ryu, Chun Li, Blanka and Dhulsim, but was certainly not prepared for the free market battle that his own skateboarding franchise would face.

According to Capcom reps, T. Hawk's Pro Skater has sold 12 units in as many days, making it the least successful video game since Janet Reno's Karaoke Blast!

However, Capcom is still optimistic about this game. "Given the success of Activision's Tony Hawk franchise, we are sure that video game consumers are hungry for Native American skating action. And have you seen T. Hawk's awesome power-up, the Condor Blast? Hawk hops up a bit and does a quick overhead chop -- ON TOP OF A SKATEBOARD! IS ANYBODY LISTENING? A QUCIK OVERHEAD CHOP ON TOP OF A MOVING SKATEBOARD!!!!!" The fate of T. Hawk's Pro Skater is yet to be decided, but it certainly is not the bright future Capcom representatives predict.

By: PeterBerg
Date: May 19, 11:22
(c) Nuclear Monkey, 2003. All rights reserved.