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Lays Potato Chip Eater Able To Eat Just One

Brunswick, NH -- Advertising slogans usually stretch the truth... Bounty paper towels are quilted, but I wouldn't say that they are the QUICKER picker upper. They are about the same speed at "picking up" as other paper towels - they can just absorb more. And Tide can't really say it's better than the "leading brand" because it IS the leading brand. Most of these advertising slogans are stretches of the truth, and some of them are just plain made up (watch out for that George Foreman grill!)

However, one man from the central Brunswick area has admitted that, at least for him, the Lay's Potato Chip Slogan "You can't eat just one!" really is true. In fact, the last time Bill Rushberry III tried to eat "just one" potato chip, he ended up eating a whole bag. And soon after, he was reaching for another bag. Several bags later, he once again tried to eat just one, but could not manage to pull off the tremendous feat. "Those Lay's Regular Chips... hoo boy! I just can't stop munching once I get started. You'd think you could stop, but, trust me, you're kidding yourself." Added Rushberry, through a spray of potato chips and saliva: "THESE THINGS ARE ADDICTING!"

Other clever baked and/or fried spud flake slogans that Rushberry seems to confirm include Pringles' "Once you pop, the fun don't stop!" and Northeast Idaho Potato Chip Factory's "You can't eat just two!"

By: PeterBerg
Date: April 9, 21:03
(c) Nuclear Monkey, 2003. All rights reserved.