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Bill Gates Hospitalized After Diving Into Gold-Filled Swimming Pool

REDMOND, VA -- Microsoft CEO and really rich guy Bill Gates was clearly not thinking clearly when he decided to fill one of the seventeen swimming pools in his Redmond, Virginia manshion with gold coins. Wanting to flaunt his wealthyness and prove to his skill at dealing with money, the multi-billionaire Gates filled his 40,000 gallon pool with an assortment of Spanish Dubloons and American $20 gold coins.

Soon after his personal construction company finished filling in the pool with the gold, Gates climbed his 3 meter diving board and jumped in head first. Following a triple-axle double backflip Mctwist, Gates slammed into the solid gold mass of coins, causing severe head trauma, 16 broken bones and an embarrassing loss of his pants, just like when he was a poor nerd in middle school.

Gates is said to be recovering at the Redmond Hospital, and is in high spirits, because, after all, he's still rich. Next on the agenda: a 40' tall solid gold exoskeleton to ride around in and take over Tokyo city.

By: PeterBerg
Date: April 9, 21:04
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